Monday, October 15, 2007

News of the World does it again

The best thing about every Monday morning is getting to read another WAG story on News Of The World.

Nearly all articles are completely "bloggable" but this sentence from the story about sex-cheat William Defoe hit new heights for me:

"Furious Rachel has now spoken out about their four-month relationship, revealing the SKINFLINT side of the England star, their rampant sex romps—and how his manhood, which he nicknamed The Hulk, resembled a NEAPOLITAN ICE CREAM".

WTF??? Need further explanation?

"He used to have a nickname for his ‘thing'. He wasn't very modest and always called it ‘The Hulk'. It was quite distinctive because he has a strange skin pigmentation down there—which means it's the colours of Neapolitan ice cream."

So if at any stage this work week you are having a bit of a shit moment, please rememebr poor William with the Neapoliton cock.

Carry on.